Welcome at our Family Website!

The primary purpose with this website is to serve as information and communication vehicle on family matters and as stimulus for members of the family to come forward with further ideas, proposals, inputs and contributions.

For the best part of 5 years, after a very successful family gathering at Graaff Reinet in 2012, virtually nothing happened in respect of the Andrew Murray Family Association or this website (except for some initiatives in the Western Cape). In 2017 the “new” family committee, nominated at the end of the 2012 Graaff Reinet gathering, was mobilised and various initiatives commenced to revitalise the Family Association and to prepare for the next big Graaff Reinet family gathering (which is due in 2022). News about this can be found by clicking on “News”, under “English” on the horizontal bar at the top, or by clicking on “2022” on the horizontal bar. This website is also now (in 2018) being renovated and might soon be replaced by a totally new website, in association with other modern social media.

Please send any suggestions regarding this website or any other family matters via the contacts page.

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